Curing Your Finances

Although physical health is a priority for most during the coronavirus outbreak, with increasing job insecurity and confusion over money, financial wellbeing is a key concern too. This webinar will cover the financial support available for your employees during these difficult times.

This course will cover:

  • Mortgages
  • Overdrafts
  • Credit cards and debt
  • Pensions and savings
  • Money-saving tips
  • Tips on purchases and refunds

How do employers benefit?

This webinar is a really good way to offer employees something engaging and useful to help them through the challenges that Covid-19 brings about. Helping people with money in a non-judgemental, unbiased way saves them time, money and helps them build a happier future. This in turn reduces stress and absence in your workplace and leads to a more motivated workforce.

We know money keeps employees awake at night. We know they look to their employers for help.

What have people said?

The content was so informative and delivered so well. Thank you very much indeed for everything you are doing to support our charity.
CEO, ICE Benevolent Fund

Thanks, it was a very informative webinar with some useful tips. The help is much appreciated.
Yvonne, HR Advisor

Very insightful over a range of topics.

The structure of the webinar made it very easy to follow and the content was particularly useful to help answer questions for my team.

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Providing easily-understood information to help everyone ‘move forwards’ with their finances. The session is designed to be fun and interactive, and attendees will receive planners to take away to help them become ‘better with money’.